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X Prime Standard Duramax Diesel Oil Pump Primer
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SKU: MDR-0005


This is a oil priming tool for GM Duramax Diesel style engines. 

The oil galleries of newly assembled engine will be dry of oil. All engines should ideally be "prelubed" before starting for the first time, which incidentally is where most of the engine wear occurs. Unfortunatley, the design of the Duramax Diesel oil pump does not allow an easy way to do this. Since the oil pumps on Duramax Diesel engines drive of the crank snout, the oil pump can't turn seperately from the rest of the engine. Therefore, it is not possible to use a drill operated tool on the the distributer gear of older GM V8s. This tool solves that problem. With MDR Tuning's Engine Oil Primer, everything you need is included to easily prelube and prime the oil system of your newly built engine, or even a vehicle that has been sitting for an extended period of time.

  • Required to prime engines with crank driven oil pumps
  • Prime your engine through the oil pressure sending unit port (Hemi, Coyote, Ford Modular,Duramax Diesel)
  • Perfect for modular engines that have crank driven oil pumps
  • Prevents engine damage caused by only using starter motor to prime oiling system   

Dont let this happen to your engine!

                  OIL STARVATION

Appearance: Bearing surface streaked and smeared with worst damage at center. Heat discoloration. May show pick-up of bearing material on shaft depending on severity. NOTE: This condition will progress into “Wiping” and “Hot Short”.
Causes: Low oil level, blocked oil pick-up, oil pump failure, blocked oil hole or oil passage, excessive dilution of oil by fuel or coolant, lubrication system not primed before start-up, overspeed. 


Appearance: Bearing surface smeared or scratched and torn. Bearing metal melted and re-solidified along the edges.
Causes: Lubrication system not primed before start-up. Clogged oil passage. Oil pump failure. Improper installation (oil hole blocked). Concentrated loading in localized area of bearing. Misalignment of shaft and bearing surfaces. Insufficient clearance.

Addition Information

  • X Prime Standard 50 PSI oil pump primer (actual oil pressure in engine varies)
  • Anodized aluminum AN oil port adapter
  • 6 Feet of reinforced nylon hose
  • 2.5 quart oil reservoir (This is DELETED with OPR Kit Upgrade)
  • Easy to follow step by step instructions
  • Ships USPS ONLY -Please allow TEN BUSINESS DAYS for shipping.


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