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Tech and How To Articles

Don’t Buy Imitations, Tein Shows Us Why


Tein put together a video recently that compares imitation springs to their springs by testing them. During the durability test, watch as the imitation spring fails, and fails badly. Not only does buying imitation parts pose a safety risk, but by buying parts that are not genuine, less money goes to the R&D of new products.

Distributorless Ignition Engine Oil Priming -LS Engine Oil Priming


The oil galleries of newly assembled LS will be dry of oil. All engines should ideally be "prelubed" before starting for the first time, which incidentally is where most of the engine wear occurs. Unfortunatley, the design of the LS oil pump does not allow an easy way to do this.

Install: StopTech Big Brake Kit – BMW E46 M3


One of the most overlooked modifications to a car is the braking system. Because it doesn’t yield an immediate acceleration gain, shed any weight off the car, or make your car win an award at a show. But after burying your foot into your right pedal, there is only one thing that keeps you alive and out of trouble: your brakes.

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